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Carrot - Dutch

Delicate and distinctly slender orange Dutch carrots are about 5-8cm long. A few centimetres of trimmed stalk remains intact - ideal for presentation. A versatile root vegie, Dutch carrots offer wide gourmet options for maxium taste, texture and plate appeal.


Dutch carrots are slightly sweeter than other carrots. Their natural sweetness and tenderness intensifies when they are roasted, braised or sautéed.


Like all carrots, Dutch carrots are naturally low in energy/kilojoules/calories, naturally low in fat, low in saturated fat, and naturally low in sugars.

Did you know?


While other carrots have a growth cycle of about 20 weeks, Dutch carrots take about 12 weeks to produce.

Serving suggestions

Try these ways with Dutch carrots:
Crudites: Steam Dutch carrots and serve with a horseradish and mayonnaise dip.

Cake: Grate and combine with purple Dutch carrots for a moist and delicious twist on the classic carrot cake.

Salad: Steam and caramelise in brown sugar and garlic, then add to a salad of rocket and pine nuts.


Available from January to December. 

Who’s growing this now


Queensland's Tim Linnan of Lake Clarendon, near Gatton, harvests around 250,000 bunches of Dutch carrots a year. "They're so versatile, you can snack on them or use orange and purple Dutch carrots together to make the most of their colours," Tim says.

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Who is Growing This Now

How to select

Orange Dutch carrots are sold by the bunch with about eight to 10 per bunch. Choose fresh, ripe and bright coloured Dutch carrots with fresh looking and firm stalks.

How to store

Store Dutch carrots in the crisper section of the fridge.

How to Prepare

Tip #1: Use a paring knife to achieve sharp angles or soft curves.

Tip #2: Peel the outer skin, then peel again to create carrot curls for garnishing or tossing into salads.

Tip #3: Steam whole carrots briefly then toss in butter for glossy softness.

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