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In season for Autumn

As the urge for casseroles, soups, crumbles and comfort food hits, our autumn recipe collection will be featuring Vine Sweet Minicaps®, Kumato® tomatoes, Broccolini® and Tomato Medley.

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Baby Brussels sprouts have a mild, sweet cabbage flavour, and are the most flavoursome of the bunch.

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Saute Broccolini® Baby Broccoli with Soft Poached Egg, Labne & Lemon

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Vine Sweet Minicaps®

Not only are they beautifully sweet and crunchy, but their bright colours are wonderful for presentation.

Midnight Beauty® Seedless Black Grapes

Brilliant Midnight Beauty® seedless black grapes boast extremely large berries, a crisp texture and tend to be redder in colour than conventional black grapes.

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Perfection Fresh are proud sponsors of the 10th Biennial Hydroponic Farmers Federation Conference. 8-10 June, in Lorne, Victoria.

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