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As the urge for warm soups, laksas and comfort food hits, our winter recipe collection will be featuring Baby Brussels sprouts, Vine Sweet Minicaps®, Treviso™ radicchio, Broccolini®, Figs and Blueberries.

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Figs are among the oldest, sweetest and tastiest of fruits. Delicate La Bella Figura® figs have a deep purple outer skin and pink, soft, satiny flesh dotted with crunchy seeds.

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Tempura Broccolini®

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Calypso® Mango

Calypso® Mangoes have a firmer flesh and juicier cheek that is perfectly suited to use in salads, grilled on the barbecue, even cooked lightly on the stove or in the oven. This versatility means you can include that mango flavour you love in your favourite recipes.

Baby Brussels sprouts

Baby Brussels sprouts have been specially bred for their size and shape and are about half the size of their regular cousins. Up to 50 sprouts at a time grow around stalks reaching up to a metre. Once each sprout reaches 25mm in diameter, the stalks are harvested.

The Latest News

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Perfection Fresh Australia has purchased the exclusive sales and marketing rights to the Calypso® Mango and has plans to increase consumption of the fruit both domestically and internationally.

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